The Offspring
Track List:
01. Come Out And Play (Live)
02. Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) (Live)
03. All I Want (Live)
04. Gone Away (Live)
05. Staring At The Sun (Live)
06. Hit! That (Live)
07. Gotta Get Away (Live)
08. Dammit, I Changed Again (Live)
09. D.U.I.
10. Beheaded
11. Million Miles Asay
12. I Got A Right
13. Hey Joe
14. 80 Times
15. Autonomy
16. Want You Bad (Black Dahlia Mix)
17. Why Don’t You Get A Job? (Baka Boyz Remix)
18. Million Miles Away (Apollo 440 Remix)
19. Pretty Fly (Baka Boyz Lowrider Remix)

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