Spose - We All Got Lost
Artist: Spose
Album: We All Got Lost
Genre: Alternative
Original Release Date: 2018
Quality: 320 kbps

Track Listing:

1.Your Twenties
2. The Bugs Are Really Bad Out Here (feat. Lily Frost)
3. Loon Song
4. Rabbit Hole
5. Mirror Mirror (feat. J Spin)
6. Going Home (feat. Sara Hallie Richardson)
7. Why Do I Do This To Myself?!
8. Brag Track
9. I Will Let You Down (feat. TheWorst)
10. Drawing Board (feat. Lyle Divinsky)
11. We All Got Lost
12. Suicide Doors (feat. PMO)
13. Mountaintop (feat. Armies)
14. Take You Home (feat. Grieves)