Artist: Soul Assassins
Album: Intermission
Genre: Hip-Hop
Original Release Date: June 23, 2009
Quality: VBR kbps
01. Gangsta Shit (feat. Bun B & M1)
02. Classical (feat. Slick Jacken & Evidence)
03. Gunshots (feat. Chace Infinite & Alchemist)
04. Do It (feat. La Coka Nostra)
05. Rep Yo Shit (feat. P.C.P. aka Slick Jacken & Necro)
06. Good Evening Los Angeles (feat. Self Scientific)
07. Meet Your Maker (feat. Reef The Lost Cause & Outer Space)
08. Intermission (feat. RZA, Rev William Burk, Planet Asia & B-Real)
09. Champions (Remix) (feat. Prodigy & Big Twin)
10. Let Go (My Life) (feat. Fashawn)
11. Like That Y’all (feat. Planet Asia)
12. World We’re In (feat. Cynic)
13. Call It Like I See It (feat. Chace Infinite & Krondon)
14. Matchbox (feat. Dust)
15. Figure it out (feat. young de xzibit and mykestro) (bonus track)