Skunk Anansie - 25LIVE@25
Artiste: Skunk Anansie
Album: [email protected]
Sortie: 2018
Qualité: 320 kbps

Liste des titres:

1.Charlie Big Potato (Live)
2. Intellectualise My Blackness (Live)
3. Because of You (Live)
4. I Can Dream (Live)
5. Charity (Live)
6. My Love Will Fall (Live)
7. Death to the Lovers (Live)
8. Twisted (Live)
9. My Ugly Boy (Live)
10. Weak (Live)
11. Hedonism (Live)
12. I Hope You Get to Meet Your Hero (Live)
13. Love Someone Else (Live)
14. This Is Not a Game (Live)
15. God Loves Only You (Live)
16. (Can’t Get by) Without You (Live)
17. Secretly (Live)
18. Over the Love (Live)
19. Spit You Out (Live)
20. Yes It’s F*****g Political (Live)
21. Selling Jesus (Live)