Sinister - Dark Memorials
Artist: Sinister
Album: Dark Memorials
Genre: Death metal
Original Release Date: 2015
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 117 MB

Track Listing:

1. Ridden with disease (Autopsy)
2. Unleashed upon mankind (Bolt thrower)
3. Hammer smashed face (Cannibal corpse)
4. Exhume to consume (Carcass)
5. Blasphemies of the flesh (Carnage)
6. Beyond the unholy grave (Death)
7. Under the guillotine (Kreator)
8. Master Killer (Merauder)
9. Radiation sickness (Repulsion)
10. Beneath the remains (Sepultura)
11. Necrophiliac (Slayer)
12. Spiritual immolation
13. Compulsory resignation

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