Shred Gang Mone - Gangsta's Move in Silence
Artist: Shred Gang Mone
Album: Gangsta’s Move in Silence
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap, Music, New Age
Original Release Date: 2016
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 112 MB

Track Listing:

2. Respect (feat. Shred Gang Boogz & Band Gang Masoe)
3. Plug Money (feat. Shred Gang Strap & Shred Gang Boogz)
4. Call of Duty (feat. Shred Gang Boogz)
5. With Us (feat. Band Gang Lonnie Bands, Shred Gang Bigg Cab & Shred Gang Horse)
6. The Devil
7. Crazy S**t (feat. Shred Gang Boogz & Shred Gang Bigg Cab)
8. Hard Days (feat. Shred Gang Horse & Shred Gang Bigg Cab)
9. Gangsta S**t (feat. Band Gang Paid Will)
10. Testify (feat. Band Gang Masoe)
11. My Ppls (feat. Band Gang Lonnie Bands)
12. Gangsta Move in Silence (feat. J Prince)
13. He Can Have That (feat. Shred Gang Bigg Cab, Rude Boy & Dlo)
14. Black Mask
15. At the Table (feat. Project Poppa)
16. Back in the Day
17. Play with Me (feat. H4 L Moe Moe)
18. Outro

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