1. Please, send your requests on email This will just make it easier for me to keep track of all of them.
2. Search before you request something because a lot of the time it’s already been posted.
3. If you want a discography or album please specify that and make sure you know that it is gonna take a lot longer than a regular request. I’ll be happy to do it, it just takes me a little longer.

All Time Low – Poppin’ Champagne
Beyonce – Sweet dreams
Blackout Crew – Dialled (Radio Edit)
Bonnie McKee’s – Boy Hangover
Destiny’s Child – Brown Eyes
E- Type – Rain
Hey Monday – Homecoming
Houston Calls – A Shot In The Dark
Houston Calls – Stay With Me Tonight
Lydia Caesar – Puzzle
Mcfly – Lies
Nevershoutnever! – Happy
Nevershoutnever! – Heregoesnothin
NeverShoutNever! – Trouble
SouljaBoyTellem – Pronto
Stunt – I’ll Be There
Tickle Me Pink – Typical
TLC – 3d (Intro)
Usher – Trading Places