Psy''Aviah - Soul Searching (Deluxe Edition) Album Download
Artist: Psy”Aviah
Album: Soul Searching (Deluxe Edition)
Genre: Comedy
Original Release Date: 2019
Quality: 320 kbps

Track Listing:

1. Becoming Human (feat. Dirk De
2. Voodoo Love (feat. Roeland Van
3. Searching (feat. Mari Kattman)
4. Hold On (feat. Mark Bebb)
5. New Times (feat. Alicia May)
6. The Scientific Method
7. Train of Thought (feat. Kyoko
8. Dream Fever (feat. Saydi Drigg
9. Lucid Bliss (feat. Marieke Lig
10. Hope (feat. Addie Nicole)
11. Catching the Sun (feat. Lis va
12. City in Flames (feat. Ellia Bi
13. Train of Thought (feat. Kyoko
14. Hold On (feat. Mark Bebb)
15. Voodoo Love (feat. Roeland Van
16. Searching (feat. Mari Kattman)
17. Train of Thought (feat. Kyoko
18. New Times (feat. Alicia May)
19. Searching (feat. Mari Kattman)
20. Voodoo Love (feat. Roeland Van
21. Train of Thought (feat. Kyoko
22. Hold On (feat. Mark Bebb)
23. Searching (feat. Mari Kattman)
24. Catching the Sun (feat. Lis va
25. Dream Fever (feat. Saydi Drigg
26. Hold On (feat. Mark Bebb)
27. Hope (feat. Addie Nicole)
28. Searching (feat. Mari Kattman)