Olivia Neutered John - Complete Castration
Artist: Olivia Neutered John
Album: Complete Castration
Genre: Metal
Original Release Date: 2018
Quality: 320 kbps

Track Listing:

1.Long Knives for Short Dicks
2. Gaze Upon His Cloven Testicles and Laugh
3. Queen of Cock and Ball Torture
4. Porn
5. White Rats
6. Scalding Piss
7. Child
8. Ballbuster
9. Heterosexuals Are Gay
10. Improvised Vasectomy
11. Dominatrix
12. Back Alley Circumcision
13. Black Paintings IV
14. Five Knuckle Colon Buster
15. Obliterated Taint
16. Date Rape Castration Frenzy
17. High Octane Perpetual Emasculation Machine
18. Cucked with a Knife
19. I Am Patient Zero (For the Disease That Will Kill All White Men)
20. This is Not Funny
21. Slay Queen Slay!