Madison Washington - Facts
Artiste: Madison Washington
Album: Facts
Sortie: 2018
Qualité: 320 kbps

Liste des titres:

1.Bioluminescence (feat. Bruce Edward Sherfield)
2. (((( ‘Facts )))))
3. Baytrified (feat. JTOTHEC)
4. My N.Y. (feat. Nicole Goodwin)
5. Californie Hypnagogique (feat. Elgin Wayne Giles)
6. Discernment (feat. Jamika Ajalon)
7. Monkz Point
8. Madame Pomegranate (feat. Elgin Wayne Giles)
9. U R What U Loop (feat. Cecilia Knapp & Lorin Benedict)
10. That Feelin’
11. No Cliché (feat. A Brother Is…)
12. Divine Frankensteins (feat. Nicole Goodwin)
13. A.I. Gonna Eat You (feat. Kirsty Allison)
14. D.R.I.D.
15. Mutineer State of Mind (feat. Lorin Benedict)
16. Children of Sarah Connor
17. Just a Party? (feat. Matt Fiddler & JTOTHEC)