Lautten Compagney - Circle Line Album Download
Artist: Lautten Compagney
Album: Circle Line
Genre: Comedy
Original Release Date: 2019
Quality: 320 kbps

Track Listing:

1. Train to São Paulo (from “Pow
2. Gloria ad modum tubae
3. Dance V (from “In the Upper Ro
4. Old World (from “Naqoyqatsi”)
5. Morning Passages (from “The Ho
6. String Quartet No. 1: Part I
7. Flos florum
8. Segreto intimo
9. In a Landscape
10. Apostolo, glorioso, da die ele
11. Clapping Music / Se la face ay
12. Missa L’Homme Armé: Kyrie -Sa
13. Ave Regina Caelorum
14. Gaude virgo, mater Christi
15. New World (from “Naqoyqatsi”)
16. Ave Maris Stella
17. Dawn (from “Book of Days”)
18. Anthem Part I (from “Powaqqats
19. Gloria ad modum tubae
20. Train to São Paulo II (from “
21. Close Cover

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