Book Description:
Publication Date: July 30, 2012
From Publisher’s Weekly:
“Writing with business journalist Murphy, entrepreneurship expert and UC-Berkeley professor Burgstone offers a strong, comprehensive handbook for aspiring entrepreneurs who are seized with the fire of ambition but unsure where to begin. The authors detail a step-by step framework for readers to brainstorm a winning business idea, test it before they’ve committed too much time and money, and develop it into something great. Using examples of companies large and small (Zipcar, Parenting, Wal-Mart, Google), Burgstone and Murphy teach readers to find and fill an unmet customer need, plan for profitability, strive for sustainability, establish credibility, gather necessary resources, lead and manage effectively, and maintain balance. Their enthusiasm and energy make even complex questions about idea generation, customer acquisition, and leadership accessible; and the practical, easy to understand instruction will be invaluable to the budding entrepreneur.”