Jeremy McComb - TroubleMaker Live!
Artist: Jeremy McComb
Album: TroubleMaker Live!
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
Original Release Date: 2018
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 139 MB

Track Listing:

1.Intro (Live)
2. Honky-Tonkin’ (i Guess I Done Me Some) [Live]
3. How We All Got Here (Story) [Live]
4. Just to Prove I Could (Live)
5. 4 Terrible Girls and One Small Town (Story) [Live]
6. Wrote This on the Way over Here (Live)
7. My 9th Birthday (Story) [Live]
8. Towns Like This (Live)
9. Married People – Smoking’ with the Windows up (Story) [Live]
10. Your Fault (Live)
11. Deepest Darkest Secrets (Story) [Live]
12. Drunk (Live)
13. Speaking of Drunk-35 Day Bender (Story) [Live]
14. You Told Me to Go (Live)
15. I’m Hard to Deal with – El Chapo (Story) [Live]
16. Unstable (Live)
17. Bonnaroo (Story) [Live]
18. I’m a Fan (Live)
19. Movin’ on Too Fast?? (Story) [Live]
20. Me Without You (Live)
21. The Difference Between Us (Story) [Live]