Hey Violet - From the Outside
Artist: Hey Violet
Album: From the Outside
Genre: Pop, Music
Original Release Date: 2017
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 112 MB

Track Listing:

1.Break My Heart | Julian Bunetta, Nia Lovelis, Rena Enea Lovelis, Kristian Lundin, Miranda Miller, Maxime Picard, Cory Thomas, Clem Picard, Scott Mehner & Casey Moreta
2. Brand New Moves | Julian Bunetta, Miranda Miller, Nia Lovelis, Rena Lovelis & Casey Moreta
3. Guys My Age | Illsey Juber, Henry Walter, Miranda Miller, John Ryan, Jacob Kasher, Nia Lovelis, Julian Bunetta, Rena Enea Lovelis & Casey Moreta
4. Hoodie
5. My Consequence
6. O.D.D.
7. All We Ever Wanted
8. Fuqboi | Miranda Miller, Nia Lovelis, Casey Moreta, Julian Bunetta & Rena Lovelis
9. Unholy
10. Where Have You Been (All My Night)
11. Like Lovers Do
12. This Is Me Breaking Up With You

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