Fedde Le Grand
Artist:Fedde Le Grand
Original Release Date: September 29,2009
Quality: VBR kbps
Track Listing:
01. Wild ‘n Raw (feat. Rob Birch)
02. Feel Alive (feat. Will.i.am)
03. Scared of Me (feat. Mitch Crown)
04. Hard Day’s Work (feat. Ida Corr)
05. Shotgun (feat Camille Jones)
06. F.L.G. – Back & Forth (feat. Mr. V)
07. Let Me Be Real (feat. Mitch Crown)
08. My Faya (feat. Andy & Dorothy Sherman)
09. 3 Minutes To Explain (feat. Funkerman & Andy & Dorothy Sherman)
10. Rockin’ High (feat. Mitch Crown)
11. Noise Reduction (Feat. P.L.F.)
13. New Life (Fedde le Grand & Funkerman Re-Edit)

Download:Fedde Le Grand – Output