Eternal - My Struggle My Pain
Artist: Eternal
Album: My Struggle My Pain
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Original Release Date: 2018
Quality: 320 kbps

Track Listing:

1.Soulja Story
2. I’m a Soulja
3. Lil Whoadi
4. When Times Get Hard
5. At Night (feat. Bambino)
6. Slow Motion (feat. Sig Sawyer)
7. We Riding
8. S.O.S. (Same Ol S**t)
9. Shawty Got Me Gone (feat. Bambino)
10. Fool With It
11. Pussy in a Can (feat. Eklypz)
12. Miss My City (feat. Bambino)
13. Never Let My Block Down
14. Toast to It
15. Pray for Me (feat. Sig Sawyer & Mike B)
16. Moment of Silence (feat. C-Lo)
17. Life Goes on (feat. Mike B)