Cold War Kids - This Will All Blow Over In Time
Artist: Cold War Kids
Album: This Will All Blow Over In Time
Genre: Rock
Original Release Date: 2018
Quality: 320 kbps

Track Listing:

1.(I’ll Be) Missing You [Mono Version]
2. He’s Got No Love
3. I Pretend I’m With You
4. Alright (Stereo Version)
5. The Rose
6. Bye Bye Johnny (Mono Version)
7. It’s Time
8. Till I Met You (Mono Version)
9. The Shores Of Scotland
10. Elizabeth’s Portrait
11. A Claim To The Throne
12. If Ye Love Me
13. My Crown
14. The Poem
15. Darnley’s Visit
16. The Wedding
17. Knox
18. The Hilltop
19. Rizzio’s Plea
20. The Ambush
21. Pray For Me