Cirith Ungol - I'm Alive (Live at Up the Hammers Festival) Album Download
Artist: Cirith Ungol
Album: I’m Alive (Live at Up the Hammers Festival)
Genre: Comedy
Original Release Date: 2019
Quality: 320 kbps

Track Listing:

1. Intro (Live at Up the Hammers
2. I’m Alive (Live at Up the Hamm
3. Join the Legion (Live at Up th
4. Atom Smasher (Live at Up the H
5. Edge of a Knife (Live at Up th
6. Blood & Iron (Live at Up the H
7. Black Machine (Live at Up the
8. Frost and Fire (Live at Up the
9. Finger of Scorn (Live at Up th
10. Chaos Descends (Live at Up the
11. Doomed Planet (Live at Up the
12. Chaos Rising (Live at Up the H
13. Fallen Idols (Live at Up the H
14. Paradise Lost (Live at Up the
15. Master of the Pit (Live at Up
16. King of the Dead (Live at Up t
17. Cirith Ungol (Live at Up the H

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