Big Tom - The Pleasure Has Been Mine
Artist: Big Tom
Album: The Pleasure Has Been Mine
Genre: Country
Original Release Date: 2018
Quality: 320 kbps

Track Listing:

1.I’m Grateful
2. God Must Be a Cowboy
3. The Old Swimming Hole
4. The Wind on the Hill
5. A Love That’s Lasted Through the Years
6. Teardrops in the Snow
7. Wild and Wicked World
8. Don’t Let Your Sweet Love Die
9. You’re the Perfect Picture
10. Deep Water
11. We Sure Danced Us Some Good Ones
12. The Pleasure Has Been Mine
13. Lonesome at Your Table (Live)
14. Four Country Roads (Live)
15. Gentle Mother (Live)
16. Texas When I Die (Live)
17. Rose of the Mountain (Live)
18. Back to Castleblayney (Live)
19. When the Roses Bloom Again (Live)
20. Never Grow Old (Live)
21. One More Christmas with You (Live)