Beth Hart - Live At the Royal Albert Hall
Artist: Beth Hart
Album: Live At the Royal Albert Hall
Genre: Blues
Original Release Date: 2018
Quality: 320 kbps

Track Listing:

1.As Long As I Have a Song (Live)
2. For My Friends (Live)
3. Lifts You Up (Live)
4. Close To My Fire (Live)
5. Bang Bang Boom Boom (Live)
6. Good As It Gets (Live)
7. Spirit of God (Live)
8. Baddest Blues (Live)
9. Sister Heroine (Live)
10. Baby Shot Me Down (Live)
11. Waterfalls (Live)
12. Your Heart Is As Black As Night (Live)
13. Saved (Live)
14. The Ugliest House On the Block (Live)
15. Spiders In My Bed (Live)
16. Take It Easy On Me (Live)
17. Leave the Light On (Live)
18. Mama This One’s For You (Live)
19. My California (Live)
20. Trouble (Live)
21. Love Is a Lie (Live)